About us

A Mission-Led Innovator

We are committed to fighting the impacts of climate change and reinventing our built environments with intelligent, data-driven technology. Through building reliable, easy-to-scale commercial heat pumps and cooling systems, we deliver more than just energy efficiency—we’re enabling the smart-systems change needed at a macro scale for a sustainable future today.

Our Facilities


Based in Toronto, ARK HEAT is centrally located to leverage a vast local and international talent pool. From this vantage, we service the entire North American market with research and development, manufacturing and a complete testing lab. 

Our Capabilities

Whether your project requires design, programming, fabrication or testing, our team of in-house experts led by founding members of Turbocor, Smardt, and Arctic-Chill deliver industry-leading HVAC solutions. A dedicated design team backs us focused on creating heat pump and oil-free chiller technology.


Our Vision for a Sustainable Future


Accelerate a low-carbon future by deploying advanced technologies with intelligent services.


Move beyond essential equipment sales by offering value chain partners holistic solutions.


Be accountable, show competence and invest in our future through the pursuit of knowledge.

Our Team

Ark Heat’s professional make-up features passionate industry-leading innovators with decades of experience. As the world approaches carbon-neutral target dates across the energy sector, we’re laser-focused on rapid research and development to meet legislative and organizational challenges at the energy systems management level. As one of the original members of Turbocor, we have a proven history of disruption in working toward a low-carbon transition for our built environments through better energy systems. Our people were among the first globally to successfully deploy, guarantee, and scale optimization technologies, and that future-looking leadership and collaborative work ethic continues to power our innovation through everything we do.

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