We Revolutionize Electrified Heating Systems

Electrified heating and cooling solutions for large commercial buildings aren’t the future; it’s now. Ark Heat provides future-proof, modular and easy to install, highly reliable HVAC systems and solutions. Powered by machine learning, driven by data, primed for a zero-carbon building portfolio.

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Product portfolio 


Complete VRF to water modular package

Patent Pending


Meet our high-temperature heat-recovery giant, straight-forward and modular

Patent Pending


High-Temperature Screw Heat Pump for a zero-carbon future


Plug and Play package to monitor and measure all of your energy savings


Integrated modular pumping package


Filtration meets intelligent design

intelligent control

ARK Supervisor

Our all-in-one HVAC solution suite that delivers Proven digital solutions for tailored tinkering

Analytics/AI Suite

Complete play-by-play system control, powered by AI

Our tech

Easy Install

Our HVAC systems are simple to install and don’t require any heavy lifting. Simply plug and play.

Cost Effective

We deliver highly automated, fault tolerant, and remotely monitored systems that are effortlessly easy to maintain. Our systems are built to last, now and into the future.

Modular & Scalable

Unlike current-gen HVAC systems, our solutions are incredibly modular, and can be built to scale to reliably match the temperature needs of any building.

Ready for Any Temperature

Designed to be resilient in any climate, our systems can reliably handle temperature ranges down to -30°C, with no more need for complex or expensive systems.

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